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As a kids Yoga teacher, I visit a lot of schools and daycare centres throughout York Region. Shining Light Montessori is definitely one that I would recommend. The premises are kept immaculate. The staff genuinely care about the children and are highly professional. The children and teachers at Shining Light Montessori are like one big happy family!

Zaheeda Jiwan | Kids Yoga Instructor

As a parent and a curriculum leader with the Toronto Board of Education, I am very particular as to where to send my child. I observed many different schools and hand selected Shining Light. Their care for our children is like at home - hugs and kisses at the perfect time. As well, their curriculum has made my child stand out amongst his friends. I think this is the best starting place for any child. I highly recommend Shining Light Montessori School for all of these reasons.

Mother of L | Age 2 1/2 (Toddler Class)

We found that our two boys learned a lot from their Montessori education during their JK and SK years. They learned many topics from your class such as various facts of our solar system, math and phonics. We are especially grateful to you for teaching them phonics, as we feel that this knowledge has helped them greatly with their reading skill and as well as confidence and joy of reading. Thank you Ms. Gabriella!!!

Parents of E.S. & A.S | Ages 8 & 6

Both my children started in Montessori education when they were 2 1/2 yrs old. They gained tremendously as they were learning in a fun environment, at their own pace and were in a small class ratio which is best for younger children. I highly recommend Montessori education as a preparatory program for kindergarten children as they will build a solid foundation for their elementary education.

Parents of A.H. & D.H. | Ages 8 & 6

At the beginning, we chose Montessori mostly because of its higher academic standard. However, we gradually came to know that Montessori is not only about academic achievement, but also a system to bring self awareness, build up self confidence, and develop social skills and awareness of the environment around them so that children have a solid foundation to further develop themselves.

A. just had a very special 6th birthday party. Instead of collecting tons of gifts, he hosted an auction party, selling own art works and used toys to raise funds for animals in the Toronto Zoo. We are really amazed to see his enthusiasm, his focus and confidence shown throughout the whole event, and we are very grateful for these past 2 years at Montessori school, which has brought the best out of him, a caring heart, confident mind, happy spirit, all of which has brought a very smooth transition to the elementary school and I am sure A. will benefit for his whole life.

The last thing we'd like to say is that not all Montesorri schools are the same. It really depends on who teaches. A. was really lucky to be in such good hands.

Parents of A.C. | Age 6

Montessori education has been beneficial for my children. It has provided a strong foundation for the start of elementary school. I would recommend Montessori education because it builds confidence and skills at an early age.

Parents of M.L., O.L., & D.L. | Ages 8, 6 & 5