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Casa - Kindergarten

Our Junior & Senior Kindergarten classroom for kids of JK/SK ages, with a full range of Montessori activities, and with that extra focus on literacy and numeracy will ensure all the children have the very best foundation for grade 1. These senior Casa students are sure to enjoy learning in our stimulating environment, and will look forward to coming to school each day. This sets the stage for future success in elementary school and beyond.

During these two years, the children will begin reading and spelling phonetic words, then progress to non-phonetic words. With this base, they will continue on to sentence structure and grammar, writing journals and doing small projects as they are ready. Adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers is usually taught in JK with materials that ensure the children understand rather than memorize.

Children who are ready will go on to add and subtract with carrying and borrowing, as well as multiplication and division. Our advanced curriculum is balanced with weekly gym, music & children's Yoga classes. Children are all encouraged to reach their full potential and leave for grade 1 with a "Yes, I can!" attitude.